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Cité is an online travel + culture publication based in the UK. From Berlin to St Leonards-on-Sea to Sicily, we document the best places to live + work via interviews, features, profiles and photography.

Cité was launched in 2017 by a British travel journalist with itchy feet and a desire for a better quality of life. The name is old French for ‘city’ and ‘union of citizens’ which feels all the more relevant post-Brexit.

“I love to travel and have Lithuanian roots on my mother’s side. This summer I will be working my way around Sicily to explore the creative side of the island, regeneration and the startup scene. My daughter is off to international school in China for a year, so it’s an opportune time for some solo travel, a new language and meeting some like-minded digital nomads.

“I’m also writing a slow travel guide to Hastings & St Leonards-on-Sea, the crazy, bohemian town I live in on the south coast of England. It’s called Rock Hastings and I’ll be posting interviews with local ‘rockers’ – the artisans, creatives and entrepreneurs who make this such a quirky and unique place to live. I have been here for 10 years and seen many changes. St Leonards is full of independent businesses and artists attracted by its laid-back vibe, magnificent Burton architecture, big skies and fantastic light, but as with most seaside towns, it has its challenges. 

I have seen a high turnover of businesses, a failed Pier charity and Brighton University pulling out of the town. Like Sicily, the challenge here is creating a sustainable economy with well-paid jobs, good schools and fast transport links, to keep people here and happy. I’ll be talking to town planners, the council, politicians and property professionals about how we can future-proof Hastings & St Leonards and make it a high-quality place to live + work. 

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